Staying atop of your fitness battle is a never-ending task. Staying fit is not only important for your physical outlook, it is extremely important for your overall well-being and increased lifespan. Whether you have set a goal of maintaining your current position of fitness or your agenda is to lose weight, your Apple Watch can prove to be the best wearable fitness device to help you stay focused.

This wearable device has a comprehensive platform that is well equipped with modern monitors, unlike other health and fitness apps that rely on inputted data, that possesses heart-rate monitor, GPS tracker to measure distance and speed of workout, an accelerometer to keep an eye on body movements and other linkable health and fitness apps that count calories and other fitness levels. While there are plenty of apps that can be downloaded from the App Store, you will have to dig out the best fitness app for your use amidst thousands of options. To make your life easier, we have presented a list of best apps for the Apple Watch and have placed into different categories to help you choose the best amongst plenty of health and fitness apps.

Sleep/Sleeping Pattern

  • Sleep Cycle

This app is used to make the sleep patterns healthy and provide silent wake up alarms. This app, with vibrations, changes the sleeping position thereby, reducing the snoring habit.

  • Sleep++

With this app, you don’t have to manually put the app in night mode. It automatically gauges that you have gone to sleep. The app presents you an elaborated summary of your sleep.

  • Headspace

This app offers focused meditations to help you relax. Unlike other health and fitness apps, this one focuses on making mindfulness easy and beneficial for you.

Health & Fitness

  • Asana Rebel- yoga & fitness

This fitness app is designed specifically for women and works best in Apple watches. This app makes it easy to start and end workouts and gauge progress without having to look at your mobile phone.

  • Standland

Different that other health and fitness apps, Standland encourages you to spend more hours standing and rewards you with cute characters once you achieve the goals. In total, there are 14 characters to collect and to keep those characters awake, you need to move around.

  • Runtastic

Runtastic Apple watch app will work best for you in your workout if you already use this app to track running and other fitness activities.

  • Nike+ Run club

This fitness app comes pre-installed if you buy the Apple watch Nike special edition. This app tracks running, provides personalized fitness plans and allows to have fun with Nike special stickers for iMessage.

  • Peak- Brain training

The Apple watch doesn’t just help you stay in shape but also nurtures your mind. Peak is a cognitive brain workout designed in a gamification manner to make your brain stronger.

Staying in shape has become a lot easier and fun now with all the health and fitness apps that are available on your Apple watch.

Best influencer marketing software


Influencer marketing is a quite promising tool as shown by this study. It has already been changing the playing field for many with its excellent ROI.
To keep up with the ever changing pace, necessary tools such as good influencer marketing software are needed.  We have made a list of top influencer marketing platforms your company will benefit from.

Read on to pick a favorite!


This company is the brainchild of two Stanford students. It caters to large companies with big budgets and is not for small or medium-sized businesses. Hiring this service will give you access to a wide range of tools. These tools, in turn, will let you execute an effective and successful influential marketing strategy.


This Influencer marketing agency prides itself on being an influencer search engine with a database of over 100,000 influencers. Out of all the influencer marketing companies, this one provides to the widest customer range both big and small. Services you can avail from their large database include demographics, contact information, engagement data, niche, etc. For these reasons, we stand to believe this service is excellent for social influencer marketing.


It is a self-service platform that lets influencers to list themselves in their database. O be successfully listed there are a few conditions and prerequisites that need to be met. After being added to the database influencers can view and select proposals from different brands. The platform does a thorough job of connecting the right influencers with the right brand.


Working with more than 300 brands, this company services social media influencers, vloggers and bloggers alike. It has a scoring system that depends on the quality of influencer content; this lets influencers to be ranked so that brands can choose the best influencers.


Mainly focused on niches such as health, beauty, and lifestyle it is more set on recruiting micro-influencers and social media talent. The company lets influencers submit proposals to various brands who can select their desired proposal.


Content BLVD

Catering to YouTube creators, it is equipped with tools such as an editorial calendar that lets both the brand and creators sync up. The marketplace option lets brand post their products while creators can check the listings and sample relevant product brands.


As with other platforms, this one too lets influencer sign up. The unique feature is it lets both large and small businesses to set up campaigns. Budget allotment options help target only the most relevant influencers.


The roots of this company lie within YouTube since it started off as a platform for creators to meet brands. The focus was to let brands post their campaigns and creators to find a brand complementary to their niche and style.

The company has expanded to include social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. It used to work with Instagram influencers for a while but does not do so anymore.

Best food delivery app: your hunt ends here


It’s a fast paced world, and all best things in life are those that can be delivered swiftly to you. Whether you are looking for a pizza delivery app or a beer deliver app, your search comes to an end.

We have rounded up the best food delivery app list for you. These are free food delivery apps and their food delivery services are unlike any other – dive in to find out why they are the best delivery apps.


This delivery app is our top choice. We have a few good reasons to think it is the best meal delivery service. Not just limited to ordering food, this on demand delivery app is grocery delivery service, food delivery service app, liquor delivery app, flower delivery app, cigarette delivery app, and almost anything you would want delivered to your doorstep, rolled into a single package delivery app.

One could almost say it is a food delivery app like uber, except it delivers more than just a cheesy burger to you.  You can entertain all your 4 a.m. cravings because it offers 24 hour delivery, Detroit. Free to download, its unique feature is you can track your package in real time on the map.

(You can also work for this service. Apply for their delivery driver app here)

Yelp Eat 24

This app is associated with the restaurant reviewing app, Yelp. With Yelp Eat24, you can order food. The amalgamation of both apps lets you be more aware and informed about where you are ordering from. Just enter into the search bar what you would like to eat, give reviews a brief read, and order if you are satisfied.
Available in most cities the app is free to download.


The app works like almost any other app but with a small surprise – its payment options. Apart from the usual credit cards, you can pay through two other additional ways: Bitcoin and Foodler bucks.


It is a free food delivery app, no cost for downloading. Restaurants however do charge a delivery fee.

It is available in about 4000 US cities.


5 Signs Of A Good Email Verification Service


We need to face it: email verification is an integral part of email marketing and can mean all the difference between a meh campaign and a wildly successful one.

You’re convinced to use email address verification service, but which service to pick? There is a host of validation softwares and companies out there, offering a lot of features and options – they all seem enticing.

Enter the question: Which service is best suited to you?

Though the answer depends on what your company requirements are, there are some key features not to be missed. These 5 important features are a sure shot sign of good verification software.

  1. Spam trap detection

As of 2017, 59.33% of global email traffic was spam, according to this info-graphic by Statista. It is no wonder spam traps are so ruthless. Purchasing mail lists is the surest way to end up in a spam trap, a thing no email marketer wants. However, even if the list of emails is obtained organically, you may still end up with a spam trap.

For these reasons it becomes paramount whichever service you employ has a spam trap detection option.

  1. Validation check for all email types

In today’s age, it would be a shame to let something easily overcome like language to be a barrier between you and better business prospects. Your validation service should be international email compatible – you do not want to miss out on future international prospects, do you?

  1. Real time verification

A proactive approach needs to be adopted if you want to maximize your mail list authenticity and improve lead generation. Need proof? This research on siliconANGLE shows a whopping 75% of the companies’ waste 14% of their revenue on “dirty data”.
A real time verification feature will help you avoid being one of those 75%, immensely. Filter data as soon as it arrives.

  1. User friendly

An excellent indicator of any website is that you don’t need to be a guru of that particular field to be able to navigate around and make sense. Absolute transparency and ease of understanding is always a positive indicator. A good verification service will have easy-to-understand format of results such as simple categorization of email into valid, invalid, unknown, catch-all, etc.

  1. Good for the list and your budget

What is better than a company offering useful features?

A company offering useful features at great prices!

In the end, keep in mind your budget matters too. Look for companies and software that strike the balance between features and budget.

6 Must-have Android Apps For 2018


There are millions of application available on play store, looking for the best android app for your phone can be really challenging. Whether it’s a new browser or weather forecast app, you will get to see more than 100 results.  Not every app on Google play store is worth a try and your effort. So we are here to help you get the right apps for your android phone.

We have created a handy-dandy list 10 Best Android apps  you must download in 2018.

McAfee's Android app 

This app brings a special and customized anti-virus, Wi-Fi, app lock and web protection system to your phone.  Whenever someone attempts to unlock your phone by entering the wrong code, pin or pattern, you will get notified. McAfee take their photos while they try to intrude your privacy. This app also comes with an “App lock” which helps people away from accessing any app you want to keep secured and protected. If you download the premium version of this app, it will only cost you $25-30 per year which is no big amount certainly!

Action Launcher 3

Launcher 3 provides a simple and unique way to customize the look of your Android phone. The app combines icons, a new homescreen, a new app drawer, and a new wallpaper to make your phone get the theme and style you want.

Download the app here Action Launcher 34.2 for Android - Download

Tinder App

Tinder has been the best dating app in past couple of years and continues to be everyone’s favorite in 2018 too. If you haven’t downloaded tinder in your phone yet, then do it now. The app offers a great opportunity for those who are interested to meet their perfect matches. It has been observed that around 26 million users find their matches everyday on tinder. Another amazing thing about tinder is that it is absolutely free. 

Also read 45 Interesting tinder Statistics and Facts (March 2018) | By the Numbers


If you are a fitness-freak and loves sharing your fitness regime with your friends then this app is designed for you. Runkeeper enables you to plot your runs on map through your GPS tracking, you can even monitor the distance you covered in a day and the calories you burned. This app is widely used by bike riders and athletes as well as runners. So overall it’s a great fitness monitoring app.


Theres no app up till now which can beat the number of users whatsapp has, nevertheless there are some good alternatives and telegram is one of them with almost the same features as what Sapp. You can download this app for free and carries high security features including end-to-end encryption. The best thing about telegram is that it can installed on any device unlike many other messengers. Read full review about telegram at Telegram Messenger App Review - Common Sense Media


Before we end this article, let us tell you about this incredible app. Fleksy keyboard is one of the best keyboards for android phones with its fast and 100% accurate typing. Once you start typing with it, you will realize how useful some of the minor details are. Make sure to check out some of the interesting extensions like an invisible keyboard— it works amazingly and can be downloaded for free from Google play store.