We need to face it: email verification is an integral part of email marketing and can mean all the difference between a meh campaign and a wildly successful one.

You’re convinced to use email address verification service, but which service to pick? There is a host of validation softwares and companies out there, offering a lot of features and options – they all seem enticing.

Enter the question: Which service is best suited to you?

Though the answer depends on what your company requirements are, there are some key features not to be missed. These 5 important features are a sure shot sign of good verification software.

  1. Spam trap detection

As of 2017, 59.33% of global email traffic was spam, according to this info-graphic by Statista. It is no wonder spam traps are so ruthless. Purchasing mail lists is the surest way to end up in a spam trap, a thing no email marketer wants. However, even if the list of emails is obtained organically, you may still end up with a spam trap.

For these reasons it becomes paramount whichever service you employ has a spam trap detection option.

  1. Validation check for all email types

In today’s age, it would be a shame to let something easily overcome like language to be a barrier between you and better business prospects. Your validation service should be international email compatible – you do not want to miss out on future international prospects, do you?

  1. Real time verification

A proactive approach needs to be adopted if you want to maximize your mail list authenticity and improve lead generation. Need proof? This research on siliconANGLE shows a whopping 75% of the companies’ waste 14% of their revenue on “dirty data”.
A real time verification feature will help you avoid being one of those 75%, immensely. Filter data as soon as it arrives.

  1. User friendly

An excellent indicator of any website is that you don’t need to be a guru of that particular field to be able to navigate around and make sense. Absolute transparency and ease of understanding is always a positive indicator. A good verification service will have easy-to-understand format of results such as simple categorization of email into valid, invalid, unknown, catch-all, etc.

  1. Good for the list and your budget

What is better than a company offering useful features?

A company offering useful features at great prices!

In the end, keep in mind your budget matters too. Look for companies and software that strike the balance between features and budget.