There are millions of application available on play store, looking for the best android app for your phone can be really challenging. Whether it’s a new browser or weather forecast app, you will get to see more than 100 results.  Not every app on Google play store is worth a try and your effort. So we are here to help you get the right apps for your android phone.

We have created a handy-dandy list 10 Best Android apps  you must download in 2018.

McAfee's Android app 

This app brings a special and customized anti-virus, Wi-Fi, app lock and web protection system to your phone.  Whenever someone attempts to unlock your phone by entering the wrong code, pin or pattern, you will get notified. McAfee take their photos while they try to intrude your privacy. This app also comes with an “App lock” which helps people away from accessing any app you want to keep secured and protected. If you download the premium version of this app, it will only cost you $25-30 per year which is no big amount certainly!

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