Life becomes much easier when things become automated. The option of automatic mechanisms can be advantageous and beneficial in terms of deploying an action sufficiently and accurately and being able to convert these transactions, login details and crunching numbers into a comprehensible data.

Delivery applications are wonderful apps and they tend to make our lives much easier. However there is one small problem in most delivery applications, and that is the fact that you are required to “fill-out” any electronic forms and answer questions each and every time whenever you are trying to order something through your deliver driver application.

Normally, you would first login into your application’s dashboard. Then you would either search for the item or simply order what you need, along with multiple questions and answers to fill out. Then you would be prompt to check-out, in which you would needs to either approve a transaction through means of a credit card or COD method (cash on delivery method). If you don’t have the payment of methods saved as default, you will be required to enter this information each and every time. If you already have a credit card on file with such application, normally during the check-out phase, you are prompt to authorize a transaction by simple acknowledgements, pin codes and other verifications and sometimes your bank may contact you to inform you of such transaction taking place. All this can be very much hectic if you happen to make online transaction often or if you happen to make frequent purchases through your favorite delivery driver app. Most apps have an option for making things automatic. Making your actions automatic can make transaction processes much faster, sufficient and hassle free.

Automation Tactics

Some of the things that are ideal to automation is backing up and synchronizing your data to an external backup, just to ensure that you don’t lose your data to cyber hackers or any unwanted individuals hacking into your personal files. Backing up sensitive data and personal files is also ideal to recover from hardware crashing. If you have credit cards or wire transfer options, you have the option to make them automated as default selection, so that next time when you are making a transaction you don’t need to pull out your credit card to confirm the transaction. A SMS notification may still be prompt to your phone by your bank, this is something that can be deactivated through your bank only, if you decide not to receive SMS notifications. However it is recommended to keep SMS notifications on, as it is a security measurement initiated by your bank. You can automate your order forms as per to your requirements. For example, if you know that you will be selling 100 t-shirts on Friday, its ideal to make your order automated so that you can authorize the transaction and be able to receive your order without any delays or issues with the transaction. Since your credit card or wire transfer is automated to, normally you just have to acknowledge the action before the transaction is authorized, however this too can be automated through the options of your delivery application.