Staying atop of your fitness battle is a never-ending task. Staying fit is not only important for your physical outlook, it is extremely important for your overall well-being and increased lifespan. Whether you have set a goal of maintaining your current position of fitness or your agenda is to lose weight, your Apple Watch can prove to be the best wearable fitness device to help you stay focused.

This wearable device has a comprehensive platform that is well equipped with modern monitors, unlike other health and fitness apps that rely on inputted data, that possesses heart-rate monitor, GPS tracker to measure distance and speed of workout, an accelerometer to keep an eye on body movements and other linkable health and fitness apps that count calories and other fitness levels. While there are plenty of apps that can be downloaded from the App Store, you will have to dig out the best fitness app for your use amidst thousands of options. To make your life easier, we have presented a list of best apps for the Apple Watch and have placed into different categories to help you choose the best amongst plenty of health and fitness apps.

Sleep/Sleeping Pattern

  • Sleep Cycle

This app is used to make the sleep patterns healthy and provide silent wake up alarms. This app, with vibrations, changes the sleeping position thereby, reducing the snoring habit.

  • Sleep++

With this app, you don’t have to manually put the app in night mode. It automatically gauges that you have gone to sleep. The app presents you an elaborated summary of your sleep.

  • Headspace

This app offers focused meditations to help you relax. Unlike other health and fitness apps, this one focuses on making mindfulness easy and beneficial for you.

Health & Fitness

  • Asana Rebel- yoga & fitness

This fitness app is designed specifically for women and works best in Apple watches. This app makes it easy to start and end workouts and gauge progress without having to look at your mobile phone.

  • Standland

Different that other health and fitness apps, Standland encourages you to spend more hours standing and rewards you with cute characters once you achieve the goals. In total, there are 14 characters to collect and to keep those characters awake, you need to move around.

  • Runtastic

Runtastic Apple watch app will work best for you in your workout if you already use this app to track running and other fitness activities.

  • Nike+ Run club

This fitness app comes pre-installed if you buy the Apple watch Nike special edition. This app tracks running, provides personalized fitness plans and allows to have fun with Nike special stickers for iMessage.

  • Peak- Brain training

The Apple watch doesn’t just help you stay in shape but also nurtures your mind. Peak is a cognitive brain workout designed in a gamification manner to make your brain stronger.

Staying in shape has become a lot easier and fun now with all the health and fitness apps that are available on your Apple watch.